The meeting will take place at the facilities of the Facultad de Matemáticas at Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

To get to the conference venue and to return to your hotels in the afternoon, we recommend the use of public transportation, underground or city bus, although there is always the possibility of a nice walk.

How to get to the Faculty

Location: Plaza de Ciencias 3, Ciudad Universitaria. 28040 - Madrid (Spain)

By underground: map

  • Line 6, Stop Ciudad Universitaria
    • 10 minutes walking
    • By bus
      • G, U or 82 in stop 1683 Av. Complutense-Medicina to stop 1693 Paraninfo-Matematicas
      • 132 in stop 1683 Av. Complutense-Medicina to stop 3273 Ciencias Biológicas y Geológicas

By bus: virtual map

  • Stop 1693 Paraninfo-Matemáticas:
    • Line F (from Cuatro Caminos)
    • Line G (from Moncloa)
    • Line U (from Avenida Séneca)
    • Line 82 (from Moncloa)
  • Stop 3274 Ciencias Biológicas y Geológicas:
    • Line F (from Cuatro Caminos)
    • Line 132 (from Hospital la Paz)
  • Stop 3273 Ciencias Biológicas y Geológicas:
    • Line F (from Ciudad Universitaria)
    • Line 132 (from Moncloa)

Madrid Bus+Metro+Train transport ticket

A very interesting option to benefit the public transportation in Madrid city while attending CLAIO2020 is the Tourist Transport Season Ticket (Abono Transporte Turístico) which covers the whole city public transportation network (bus, metro and trains). Please visit the link to get information about how to get one during your stay in the city.

Latest news

  • 11/15/19

    IBERIA L.A.E. Preferred Air Carrier of the XX Latin Ibero-American Conference on Operations Research will grant a 10% discount to conference attendees.

    More information here.



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